Postnatal Massage and Malay Wrap

Drawing on the traditional Asian mid-wives, our after-birth treatment is an intense session of massages and wraps that ease the transition mother's body back to normal from pregnancy.

Massage techniques are used to reduce water retention and revitalise the body. The traditional abdominal wrap, known as bengkung is infused with Jamu traditional spices to tone abdominal muscles.

Benefits of postnatal massage include:

  • Provide relaxation and stress relief
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system
  • Improve sleep and appetite
  • Ease muscle aches and pain
  • Exfoliate dead cells and regenerate skin renewal
  • Relieve water retention
  • Reinstate uterus to its original size

At ParentLink, we have a team of experienced massage therapists specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage in the home. Postnatal massage with herbal jamu wrap is conducted in the comfort of your own home premises.

We highly recommend the 10-session package for the ultimate pampering treatment for your postpartum recovery. Usually, a minimum of 5 sessions is required to see results in the abdominal size. We offer the flexibility of your sessions to be conducted on consecutive days, alternate days or spread out over the whole postpartum period of 6 weeks.

Cost of Postnatal Massage and Malay Wrap

  • 5-session: $680
  • 10-session: $1,280
  • 15-session: $1,780
  • 20-session: $2,080

To book a package with us in advance, please call us or whatsapp/sms us at +65 9012 0071 or email us at We also offer a trial session if you have already given birth. (Subjected to availability of appointment slots.)

Please book early! Booking slots are limited.