Birth Plan Consultations

Explore your options and ask all your questions as you get step-by-step guidance in creating a birth plan that actually works! A fun and relaxed way to sort everything out.

What's the best hospital?
What if I don't want an episiotomy?
What will happen when I arrive in hospital?
What's this I've heard about jabs the baby gets after the birth?

You may have a million questions swimming through your head. A birth plan consultation can sort everything out so you can breathe a big sigh of relief!

During a birth plan consultation you can:

  • find out what your options are for every aspect of handling pregnancy and birth
  • learn how to get what you want for your birth, whether that's avoiding an episiotomy, being mobile in labour, or anything else that's important to you
  • find out how to choose the doctor and hospital who are the best match for you
  • get a sense of the kind of information a labour supporter (doula) can help you with throughout your pregnancy and birth
  • discover what labour support is all about and see if a doula would be right for you
  • get an overview of what usual hospital routines are in Singapore and how to adapt them to fit your needs
  • understand what the role of the doctors, nurses, and midwives will be at your birth

A birth plan consultation usually takes about about one-hour and you will come away with a written plan that is effective in helping you have your birth, your way.

A ParentLink birth plan consultation, including the guide to writing a birth plan, birth plan samples and templates, the menu of birth options in Singapore, and the one-hour consultation, costs $150.

If you subsequently decide to hire a doula to support you for your birth, the cost of the birth plan consultation will be deducted from your package price, and the consultation becomes one of the antenatal home visits included in your package.

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