Our Doula Support Team

Here at ParentLink, we have the largest team of independent birth and postpartum doulas in Singapore. We have been supporting families since 1998 and ParentLink has become a name that is trusted, respected and loved in the birthing community. Our doulas are passionate and caring birth activists who have attended hundreds of births in Singapore and are well-known among prominent doctors, hospitals, clinics, registered nurses, midwives, childbirth educators and more.

A doula offers you the knowledge and perspective of a trained professional, the warm connection of a good friend and the specific skills to help you and your partner feel confident about having this baby together. By the time of your baby’s birth, you and your partner will know your doula well, so you won’t feel alone when in hospital with staff you have never met. She is with you throughout labour and birth, whenever you need her.

A doula supports you as you choose what’s right for you, whatever that is. This is your birth… your way.

Birth Doula Packages consists of prenatal home visits, full labour support and postnatal visits.

Postpartum Doula Packages consists of postnatal hospital and home visits with breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum care support.

Doula packages range from $900 to $1,900 onwards, depending on your requirements and the experience level of your chosen doula. You are able to meet with as many doulas are you wish before choosing one that you like.

We currently have 15 doulas in our team.

Please contact us via email at info@parentlink.com.sg or call/whatsapp/sms us at +65 9012 0071 so that we can check the availability of our doulas for you and arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time and location. Do contact us early as our doulas sometimes get fully booked up for many months in advance.

A note from some of our doulas:

Pregnancy is a very special and unique time in a women's life. Pregnancy and birth are a profound rite of passage, a true blessing and miracle. I started on this journey in 2001 when I had my son Ben and never felt better about my body. Now after so many years and 3 babies, I'm ready and inspired to return to be a doula and sharing in being a mother.
Being a CBI-certified birth doula since 2008, I have attended hundreds of births in Singapore. This includes water births at NUH, home births and twin vaginal births. I myself had water births at NUH with Prof Chong Yap Seng for all 5 of my children.
I was born in Singapore, where births usually take place in hospital, with lots of medical interventions and a lack of personal touch. This made me feel like doing a bit more for Mothers-to-be. Personally, I have witnessed and assisted with more than 150 births. With this, I hope that my presence of being there, supporting emotionally, informationally and physically to the parents-to-be during their golden moment as they transform into parents of a new baby will provide them with a gorgeous lifetime memory. I believe that every woman deserves her own gorgeous and unique birth experience regardless of nationality and race.
Since 2012, I have supported over a hundred births in Singapore and have seen the birthing landscape in the various local hospitals. My goal is to bring my passion and love of supporting birth to you and your partner so that you will be able to enjoy your labour and birthing experience. I have helped many couples (both Singaporean and expatriates) navigate the system of hospitals, doctors, nurses, be it a hospital birth, water birth or home birth. Looking forward to working with you towards the birth that you desire and share in the miracle of birth. What a privilege it is!
I aspire to support birthing women. Inform and educate women who are seeking the information to make an informed decision about the type of birth they want. Support and empower them to achieve what they desire during birth. Help them to be mentally prepared, should birth take a turn for the unexpected. While I strongly believe that every woman has the ability to birth the way nature intended and that with the right knowledge, right support and right environment, women are uniquely powerful during birth, I also believe that every woman has the right to decide the kind of birth that she wants based on what she thinks is the right choice for her and her baby. There is no right or wrong decision to birth. It is your decision, your journey. I am a doula because I believe in woman supporting woman.